Weekly Sale for June 1-7, 2022

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Smokin’ Salt Creek BBQ will be here Saturday June 11th.
Don’t miss this monthly opportunity to get these mouthwatering Baby Back Ribs. Plan to stop in for lunch and get yours before they are gone. These award winning Baby Back Ribs are smoked to perfection, then fresh & ready for you in the Deli at 11am. They are great on the go, get some mac n cheese, potato salad and a fruit tray for a picnic lunch at the park or lake. 



Have you downloaded our App? 
Hop on over to shop.farmersfresh.com or download our app to start shopping and saving today! With curbside pick up you have more time for the things that you love this summer. We hand select each item just for you. You can leave notes about how ripe you want your fruit or if you want a substitution. Make shopping lists and order items again. Shop the sale on fresh meat, produce, dairy and more. Find gluten free, organic and locally made items. We even have our feed store online so you can get your supplies at the same time as your groceries. Don’t wait to start shopping, place an order today. 


Get your local Ground Beef! 
Our freezer is fully stocked and ready to fill up yours. Support the community and save at the same time when you buy local. This delicious grass fed ground beef is raised and butchered locally. You can save 10% when you buy 25lbs. or more.  We also use this local beef in our frozen Market Made hamburger patties, both the regular and our Famous Amos. Pick some up today for your next BBQ! 


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