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Calling all Community members, Ranchers, Showman, Cattleman, Ropers, Farmers and 4-H members…. You have heard about Vetericyn and how beneficial it can be. Well the makers of Vetericyn have a new line called Cellaide; and it’s not just for your animals!

This all natural and beneficial supplement has the perfect balance of the vitamins, minerals and trace nutrients needed for optimum health; and you can find it exclusively at Farmers Fresh Market and Feed Store. It keeps your animals healthy and reduces your number of vet appointments.

Our gummies are specifically formulated with you in mind; to support joints, bones, muscles, overall health and longevity. Relive stress & anxiety, sleep better, improve digestion and boost energy. Stop by to speak with Judy or pick up information about the many benefits of Cellaide for you and your animals!

Try our wound spray; which speeds wound healing and keeps pesky flies away. Find the full line of Cellaide, Cellaide Mineral+ and Cellaide Gummies with Ashwagandha in store now!


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