Local Grass Fed Ground Beef

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Are you looking for the best ground beef around?
Then look no farther! 

Our Meat Market has worked hard to bring you delicious locally raised, grass fed ground beef at a great price! We have a fresh grind coming up soon, call today and place your order! 970-563-4400 ex.3

Save 10% when you buy 25lbs. or more! 

This mouthwatering ground beef is grass fed and raised locally, then ground fresh in house. We package it in 1.5 and 5 lb. packages for our freezer section. Customers love it and because we do everything locally, we can pass that savings on to you! What a great time to re-stock your freezer!

Did you know that the handmade hamburger patties and our Famous Amos burgers sold in the freezer section are made of our Local Ground Beef too? Yes, it’s true. These meaty half pound patties are made fresh in house using our local grass fed ground beef and quick frozen in 5 lb. boxes, ready for your next cook out.

You can find our local grass fed ground beef and hamburgers in the freezer section all year long. If you would like fresh, not frozen, call ahead and place your order for the next day we grind.
Think Local. Shop Fresh.

10% discount applies to all local ground beef orders of 25lbs. or more, fresh or frozen. Excludes hamburger patties.



Monday-Saturday 6:00 am – 8:00 pm
Sunday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
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